Ian Conway and his birthday flight in a spitfire

Shaun Westell 15/04/2022

For those of you that aren't aware, a year ago today, Ian's lovely wife Amanda had purchased Ian, a bucket list gift of a flight in a Spitfire for his 43 birthday, this was also going to fulfil a promise of taking Louise up in a Spitfire as Ian had wished to do.


Sadly Ian on his 43rd birthday was both too large, and at 25 stone (actually 26+ stone) way too heavy to be allowed to fly, a mission had begun !!!!

Yesterday, at nearly a year to the day, and the loss of over 10 stone, Ian was airborne in the Spitfire flight Amanda had purchased him.


Massively proud of you buddy, and to see you get airborne yesterday was emotional, as I know how much hard work you have done each day to get there.

Shaun Westell's Video of the day

Morning everyone, Ian's flight in the Spitfire on 14th April has been uploaded to the Giraffes On Tour Youtube Channel, 45mins long amazing footage well worth watching, some funny & emotional moments as you would expect on completion of a dream/promise.

Sywell so good! Great to see Geoffrey and his friend Ian take to the skies today in this beautiful Spitfire.


A fantastic smile on both their faces afterwards too!

Another shot with the pilot and co-pilot of Spitfire ML407 today 14.04.22


What an awesome day today has been, seeing Ian get airborne in this aircraft has been superb, on such an emotionally charged day, having had a look through my  pictures this one encompasses everything this day should have been, and it was exactly that with bells on.




Ian ready to taxy for his flight this afternoon