Fund Raising Ideas


A NEW Geoffrey has arrived!!!!

Our new Cuddly and plush Geoffrey 💜🦒💜🦒

Embroidered by Sue Thompson

Only available from Sue via Giraffes on Tour on Facebook

All the Giraffes below have been hand made by Carole Lowe.

Please visit her Facebook page Carole Lowe's Cariad in Stitches,  or her webpage Cariad in Stitches

Carole is one of the members of RAF Coningsby And UK Spotters Group, Carole Lowe approached the group with regard to making little giraffes to raise funds for the charity, since this time "Geoffrey the Giraffe " has been amazingly popular with a lot of the group's members, purchasing their own Geoffrey's to take on their own travels.


The first of Carole Lowe's superb Geoffrey Giraffes.

Plain and RAF CGY & UK.

Carole Lowe's comments:


After hearing all about Geoffrey the Giraffe and the connection with Louise, I thought it would be nice to raise some money for a charity by making some Giraffe hangers that you could hang in your car.

They are about 4.5” tall are made from a quality wool blend felt and will have a Purple Heart and satin ribbon.

Also, available with the group initials embroidered on him - RAF CGY & UK

Each one is handmade, machine stitched and then lovingly hand cut out.

Carole has donated all profits to Great Ormond Street Hospital and Children's Charity

Three Geoffrey's, bringing in the new Giraffes on Tour version.

Carole Lowe's comments:


Good afternoon, everyone.

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who has ordered my Giraffes.

When, I posted about them, I only expected to get maybe 20/30 orders, instead to date with the help of my lovely hubby we have made a total of 103 Giraffes plus some I sent out as a gift to Ian Conway.

There is over 200 hrs worth of work gone into these, and I am so pleased that you all like them.


Carol Lowe's newest addition: Biggles Geoffrey


Geoffrey Giraffe GOSH Fundraising

Some of you may have seen we have a new Geoffrey available.

He comes with a Biggles flying helmet and goggles


Neil Pearson has to take full credit for this, the patch idea had been bounced around the admin team for a while, this is what unfolded from Neil's enquiry.

When an idea, and a quick message, becomes an amazing thing!

One of the most amazing gestures I’ve known in the last two years of the pretty epic journey the group and of course Louise & Geoffrey have been on, and long may it continue 🦒

Most know the heart-breaking story of Louise.


But the idea we had, in just enquiring into creating a group Patch & Stickers.

In talking with Gill & Berry at Squadron Prints, we were heartbroken to hear of the sad loss of Berry’s Sister, who also at a young age passed away with leukaemia.

Whilst most of you know of Squadron Prints and their stunning patches, prints and “swag” etc. They are suppliers to many if not all RAF squadrons for their pilot's squadron patches, achievements, missions etc. flight suit patches, and more, they are only a small business but Gill & Berry have done a truly wonderful thing and have gifted us 200 RAF Coningsby And UK Spotters Patches and a similar number of Bumper Stickers.



The RAF Coningsby & UK Spotters Group Flag


Neil E Pearson, not wanting to be outdone by the Chinook… display team's new livery, set on getting the group's official logo / Patch made into a flag to raise further funds for Louise's fund at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

He ordered 40 flags in total, and all were snapped up within hours, by the amazing members of the group.

The support both groups have received from the members has been a very humbling experience for all the admin team, who work so hard to sort things like this, and run the groups and their own personnel work commitments.


This amazing gesture means that 100% of every patch sold will go to our Great Ormond Street Hospital charity.

We really cannot thank Gill & Berry enough.

I have bought both the car stickers and patch, and they are both very high quality.