and how to buy him

There isn't an official Geoffrey at the moment, as we do not want anyone feeling they have to buy a certain type of Geoffrey.

Any type of giraffe is a Geoffrey, it doesn't matter, as long as it is a Giraffe.

Oh, and he or she doesn't have to be called Geoffrey, but don't be surprised if people call out "there's Geoffrey" or similar. Giraffes get noticed.

There is the Geoffrey that Louise had whilst in GOSH, and he rests with her to this day.

This is the Merryday Giraffe. By Jellycat.

Google Search for Geoffrey

Do a search for this name and you will find him out there.
Don't be surprised if he is out of stock, though.

Or open your search engine and type in
merryday giraffe jellycat
It should get you some links.

But remember, any giraffe is a Geoffrey.
I have 10 different ones and a Jellycat, like Louise's

Two of my Geoffries being held by Elly Sallingboe and Peter Kuypers from Sally-B.