Geoffrey leaves for the USA
with the 336th "Rocketeers"

Ian Conway 02/04/2022

Geoffrey departed RAF Lakenheath today 02/04/22 heading for North Carolina, USA with the Fighter Squadron at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.


Geoffrey is just about to embark on an incredible adventure, a huge thank you to those that have made this adventure possible 🤙💜🦒

Geoffrey watches refuelling with the "Rocketeers"

Michael McCloskey  03/04/2022

A few shots from Geoffrey’s hop across the pond!

Ian Conway

Geoffrey witnessing air-to-air refuelling whilst on his adventures to North Carolina with the 336th ‘Rocketeers’ from Seymour Johnson.

Thanks to those that made this possible 💜🦒


Michael McCloskey  28/04/2022

Geoffrey had himself a time flying with the Rocketeers again!