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Geoffrey's first adventure

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See what he gets up to with his new friends while he spreads the word about the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity and their great work and remembers his first friend Louise

Fabulous message from the Red Arrows.
Geoffrey sent a copy of his Book "Never Alone" out to our good friends the Red Arrows, they replied with this wonderful message.🦒🦒💜💜

Thank you all 🥰


This site is dedicated to the memory of Louise Conway and her favourite toy giraffe "Geoffrey"

On this site, we will show you Geoffrey as he goes here and there on his adventures. Geoffrey represents Louise in everything he does, but she sometimes goes along in picture form as well.

Members of two Facebook Groups, Giraffes on Tour and RAF Coningsby and UK Spotters take Geoffrey with them when they visit places and take pictures to show us all what Geoffrey is up to while spreading Louise's message about Great Ormond Street Hospital.

"Geoffrey" in front of a new F-35 aircraft before he sailed on the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier.


This is what Geoffrey is all about.


He's in the picture with Louise.

This is what we are trying to raise funds for, to help the doctors to find a way to stop this disease.

Louise's JustGiving Page

Please, if you read our website, consider a donation to the link above.


Thank you.

Picture with permission of Ian Conway, Louise's father.

Sadly, Louise passed away on February 9th 2013.