Geoffrey and Louise visit
"Just Jane" at East Kirkby

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10th October 2020
Photographs by Shaun Westell & Neil Pearson.

The group admin team visited, Avro Lancaster "Just Jane" at The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre at East Kirkby, Lincolnshire, for a get together and to participate in an evening night shoot, unknown to Ian Conway, the others members of the admin team knew there were plans afoot, to surprise Ian, as this was to be the first Louise and Geoffrey event, we had done with him actually present.

Ian, was very much surprised when we announced he wasn't here just for the night shoot in the evening.

The museums accommodation of Ian, Louise, & Geoffrey, was amazing.


Ian went inside "Just Jane " the Giraffe had a ride in the Lancaster on a live taxi run all this organised by Philip Panton, made this visit extra special as Louise's dad was with us.

Massive thanks must go to Philip Panton, and the Panton family of The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre East Kirkby, for making what was a very special day for Ian.

And to Alan Markham for the wonderful pictures, he presented to Ian on the day.

And finally Pilot Mike Chatterton who took Geoffrey onboard the aircraft on the taxi run. We were all overwhelmed with the day.

More information on the Museum can be found here:

Geoffrey's on board for a "Just Jane" taxi run

Louise and Geoffrey with their chaperones at East Kirkby 💜🦒💜🦒💜🦒