Total Privilege -Geoffrey flies with the RAF in the
Queen's Jubilee Flypast.

Some things are a once in a lifetime, the pictures below & the short video below is exactly that.

Never for one moment would we have ever thought our Geoffrey and Louise would have been able to be involved in such a prestigious journey as being on board the BBMF Lancaster PA474, and participating in the Platinum Jubilee flypast Celebrations for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The Royal Air Force BBMF afforded us this ultimate Privilege of taking Geoffrey the Giraffe on board the iconic aircraft Lancaster PA474 and full credit goes to the Royal Air Force, RAF Coningsby and all in the BBMF for their care, understanding, and support, for what Giraffes On Tour is out to achieve, and we will never be able to repay there kindness, ever.

Thank you to Flt. Lt. Neil ‘Fazz’ Farrell & Crew of the Lancaster & Royal Air Force Coningsby and the BBMF for making this happen. 

BBMF 2/6/2022

Erika Johnson 2/6/2022

Huge thanks to Erika Johnson & Royal Air Force Puma force, Geoffrey bagged a seat in this cab to join the Jubilee Flypast! 

En route to join all the other aircraft flying today, huge thanks to everyone at RAF Benson that made it possible.

Ian Conway via RAF 2/6/2022