Geoffrey went to Shuttleworth Collection,
where he flew and parachuted.!!!

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Shaun Westell and Simon Davies 

2nd August

Shaun Westell is at The Shuttleworth Collection Military Airshow.

Well, what a day we've had at The Shuttleworth Collection, Military Air show, massive thanks to Ciara, and the whole team Shuttleworth Collection for taking us on board for the day and ensuring we had the most amazing day with Louise and "Geoffrey the Giraffe".


From going in the collections' aircraft, flying in the collections' aircraft, the ultimate being strapped into the DH Comet racer, getting airborne with Roger "Dodge" Bailey at the controls.

And if that wasn't enough, a parachute jump with the fabulous guys

from Wings Free-fall Display Team.

Big thanks to Pilot Simon Davies for the pictures of Louise and Geoffrey getting strapped into DH Comet to everyone at Shuttleworth Collection for coming onboard with our journey of positivity. further information on the Collection can be found here

Geoffrey the Giraffe, waiting for the the big jump !!!