The "Thank You NHS" Blue Spitfire


George Romain © Arco 3rd August

For her (Louise's) 17th birthday (Today  3-8-2003)

Unbeknown to Ian Conway, Louise's dad, Tony Kelly one of the admin team had quietly arranged to have names of Louise Conway, Ian Conway, Amanda Conway, and Geoffrey the Giraffe Conway placed upon the NHS Spitfire as seen in the header, not only that, then Louise, Geoffrey Ian & Amanda Conway all flew on the NHS Spitfire over that weekend.

Further more, John Romain who flies the NHS spitfire also agreed to take Louise and Geoffrey up for a flight, this he did, and Louise found herself airborne on her way to display over Silverstone for the Grand Prix, and then a small display and fly through at the Shuttleworth Collection airshow.

Thanks to everyone at ARCo that made this possible.

Happy Birthday Louise

The Admin Team

Here is the video!

2nd August 2020
Video by John Romain The Pilot

Ian Conway

I’m sitting here thinking what to say but tbh I cannot find the words, but I will try!

I just received this amazing video from Aircraft Restoration Co, they took my daughter Louise for a special flight in the Thank you NHS Spitfire, Louise flown at the British F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone, if anyone had seen this on tv it was unbelievable, they then headed to Shuttleworth airshow where they did a display.

I must thank Tony Kelly for getting in touch with ARCo to have this arranged, thank you Tony you are a absolute legend.

I must thank the rest of the admin team and everyone that has got involved with this amazing adventure for Louise and the giraffes.

A massive thank you to everyone at Aircraft Restoration Co Ltd and Pilot, John Romain for doing something that our friends and family will cherish.

Steve Chase 12th October

When Geoffrey and Louise met John