Louise flies in a USAF U2 Dragon Lady
from Beale AFB.

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USAF 12th February 2020

WOW, WOW, WOW, was what all the admin said when these images were seen.


Photos of Louise flying in a USAF U2 Dragon Lady reconnaissance aircraft from Beale Airforce base, California. Flying at an altitude of 66000 feet.

This certainly was truly amazing, we all could not believe this had happened, a massive thank you to Si Blick for making this happen you are incredible my friend, and also a massive thank you to Tony Kelly, Neil E Pearson from RAF Coningsby and UK Spotters Group and Brit Can for starting all this off.

And, thank you to everyone who has begun to join in with getting Louise, and Geoffrey the Giraffe, around the world or even space, who knows.


Special thanks has to go to the USAF, and the pilot who kindly did this for Louise.