Geoffrey visits Shaw Air Force Base USA
and the Viper F-16 Demo Team.

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USAF 7th September

Cal Ross wrote on the 7th September 2020:-

Morning gang!!


And yes I know its 2am.but had to share this ....

So a few weeks Geoffrey and Louise headed off on another adventure ....

Well this time they went westbound again....

and after arriving last monday in a sunny South Carolina, they've spent the week enjoying the sites around Shaw AFB, and were taken really good care off by the guys and girls from the Viper Demo Team!!


They even ended up accompanying the aircraft and crew at a few shows this past weekend !!

So again massive thanks to the guys and girls of Shaw AFB and the Viper Demo Team.for looking after Louise and Geoffrey on another splendid aviation adventure !!

F-16 Viper Demo Team


7th Spetember


A few weeks ago we were asked to perform an act of positivity to honor the memory of a friend's daughter who passed away from leukaemia. Naturally, we said yes.

We decided to take Louise and "Geoffrey" the giraffe on the road with us to the Tri City Water Follies Air Show and have her with us as we perform for the first time since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Check out the full story below and spread some love today!

"When Louise was transferred to Great Ormand Street Hospital after finding out she had leukaemia, her mum took Louise to the shop in GOSH and Louise saw a giraffe toy that she wanted.

Her mum bought this toy giraffe and Louise called him Geoffrey.

Geoffrey became a good friend to Louise very quickly and they were inseparable. He would not leave her side throughout her time battling cancer.

When Louise passed away, Geoffrey was laid to rest with Louise and her wood head carving had Geoffrey on it. Geoffrey the giraffe was very important to Louise as he gave her comfort through her hard times."