Rockwell B-1 Lancer - 9th EBS Dyess AFB.

Geoffrey flies in a B-1
Written by
Shaun Westell

Last Friday we spent the evening with the 9th EBS from Dyess AFB in Fairford. I had a chat with a lot of the personnel including the commanding officer. I gave one of the pilots who gave a presentation on the B1 Lancer , one of my Geoffrey's and told him the story of Louise and our group that was set up to raise money for the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

When I woke up this morning these photos were sent to me by the organiser of this meet last Friday. Byron Martin who's liaison with the 9th during this deployment enabled this to happen.

Geoffrey has now crossed the Atlantic in a B1 and at the same time watched the aircraft being refuelled in the air.

We keep saying it all the time what true sports these guys and gals are and the interaction between them and the spotters is truly fantastic.

Thank you to the 9th EBS, at Dyess AFB. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

I cannot deny that I had a tear in my eye this morning.

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