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When Geoffrey Giraffe feels an emptiness in his heart, he sets out in search for happiness. The friends he meets and the adventures they share help them to feel joy, feel companionship and experience love.
Total raised so far for Great Ormond Street Hospital

Dedicated to the memory of Louise Conway and her favourite toy, Geoffrey the giraffe.

Sadly, Louise passed away on 9th February 2013
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Geoffrey represents Louise in everything he does, but Louise sometimes goes along in picture form too.

They have been to so many places and flown in some truly amazing aircraft and have met amazing people like YOU!

With your help and support, they have visited some amazing place's around the world, spreading the word about Louise and Geoffrey's mission to highlight our cause, and the need to raise funds in aid of other children and their families in need at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Take your own Geoffrey with you and involve your family wherever you visit.

We would love for you to post your pictures and videos showing everyone what you and your Geoffrey got up to whilst spreading Louise and Geoffrey's message about Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.​

Geoffrey's Latest Adventures

Have a look at what Geoffrey has been up to.
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Geoffrey's Latest Fundraising Events

Take a look at our amazing friends fundraising for Louise's cause.

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