Cameron Philips takes Geoffrey on deployment - Falkland Islands

Geoffrey visits the Falkland Islands - with Cameron Philips
Written by
Shaun Westell

Geoffrey and I are back home and have had a KFC! Time to relax and catch the sun!

Adventures will still carry on while I have Geoffrey still but first off A haircut! hope you all enjoyed the Falklands Content.

Geoffrey’s last visit is completed!

​And what a visit it was! We got to meet Commander British Forces, Commodore Johnathan Lett, he is Commander British Forces South Atlantic Islands!

He’s a 1 Star!, Geoffrey and I were pretty nervous but we had an amazing chat with him, and he’ll be looking out for this group on Facebook! this is just some of the amazing adventures Geoffrey had with Cameron, see some of the other post of the other amazing stuff both Cameron & Geoffrey got upto.

Massive thanks to Cameron, a credit to the young men & women serving the RAF and friend to. Cheers buddy for all you have done.

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