Geoffrey had an amazing day with the 492nd FS - Bolars

Once a Bolar, always a Bolar!!!!
Written by
Shaun Westell

07.15, arrival at RAF Lakenheath, signed in Geoffrey and off we went to 492nd fighter squadron HQ, Paul introduced to our host's Lucas & Gabby and off went went for Geoffrey's first job of the day which was a very important one indeed, Engines already running and " THE BOSS " of 492nd FS completing the check list for the might F15, signals to Geoffrey to send him safely off out to runway 06 for the first sortie of the day in BOLAR 1. ( Video Clip attached ) Then back to the 492nd squadron bar for fun & coffee or alcohol whichever be your poison.

What an amazing day we had, fantastic hosts at the 492nd FS made some amazing memories and Geoffrey getting in the good books with THE BOSS on a great see off completed.

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