We met Jack Berry & Wg Cmdr A.B Bland - Newark Air Museum

Geoffrey and Louise visits Newark Air Museum and met Jack Berry & Wg Cmdr A.B Bland
Written by
Shaun Westell

31st May saw me travel to Newark Air Museum, Newark Lincolnshire, to meet with Jack's mother Sara Berry, Jack and Sara were both introduced to Louise and "Geoffrey the Giraffe ".

We had a lovely time with Jack, took a few pictures of him in his flying suit with either Louise, or Geoffrey or both, spoke to both Sara and his grandma, and presented Jack with his own personalized Geoffrey the Giraffe, a Red Arrows print, and a RAF Coningsby and UK Spotter Group Patch.

Jack signed his lovely Book "Flying High in the Sunlit Silence" personally to Louise's Dad , Ian Conway, what a amazing day this was, an amazing little lad who loves painting aircraft, for us, it was a special day all round.

It was indeed, a lovely special day, being in the company of Jack, and one I shall remember for a long time.

Big thanks to Sara & Jack Berry, Maxine Grundy for helping out the family with accommodation.

Today i also met Richard Bland, who had with him Wing Commander Andrew Bland, from the Royal Bear Force.

Both He, Geoffrey and Louise met up, and had a browse through Jacks Fab Book today.

Wg Cmdr Andrew Bland and Geoffrey may well see alot of each other in the future. See more about the #RoyalBearForce here https://www.wcab.co.uk/

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