Nova Systems Inc G-TSTR -EX RAF Gazelle ZB625

Geoffrey flies in Nova Systems Inc Gazelle an (ex RAF Gazelle ZB625) with Robin Trewinnard-Boyle
Written by
Shaun Westell

Many thanks to Robin Trewinnard-Boyle and Nova Systems Inc for allowing Geoffrey on board the "Whistling Chicken Leg" as Robin remarked afterwards - It was an absolute privilege to host Ian and Geoffrey at Thruxton today and take Geoffrey on his first flight of 2022 with ZB625/G-TSTR. We took him on a tour of the Wiltshire countryside, passing a few local landmarks along the way. and hope that he will accompany us to RIAT 2022.

Many thanks to all at Nova Systems Inc for their support, and allowing this to happen.

Nova Systems.Inc

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