TSB - Pride of Britain Awards

Geoffrey gets suited and booted with Ian and Amanda at the Pride of Britain Awards in London.
Written by
Shaun Westell

What a fantastic night Amanda and I had, meeting all the wonderful Pride Of Britain nominees ,people involved in their own charity fund raising efforts and wow what inspiring and amazing people they were, we will be keeping in touch with them to ,the Pride of Britain Awards had its fair share of celebrities there and Geoffrey couldn't wait to get his picture taken with them and we have include some here.

Thanks to everyone who voted for us from the bottom of our hearts, you will never know how much this means not just to myself and Amanda and the family, but to all at "Team Giraffe" it's a TEAM effort and what a team it is.

Our thanks go to Shaun Westell my partner in crime, to Debbie Westell, Michael Haynes, Viv Porteous, Clive Robinson ,our GOSH Guardian Angel Clive Mear, Carrie Knight & Vicky Lilly for the most amazing book they created of Geoffrey's Travels so far " Never Alone " ( Available from our shop)

To everyone who has helped and supported us through our social media outlets, and still do support us, Amanda & I have been truly humbled by the kindness you have shown us and the family, taking Geoffrey all over the world with you and telling the story of our beautiful daughter Louise.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you God bless you all. Ian & Amanda, Tommy ,Emily & Lily.

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